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Attendance Management

Set Attendance Policies

Shift Wise, Regularize Attendance, Late Coming etc.

Punch via Mobile or Web

Notifications and Reports

More about Attendance Management
Leave Management

Leave Management

Define Company Leave Policies

Leave Request - Approvals, Cancellations

Get Accurate Different Leave Status, Reports

Email Notifications

More about Leave Management

Appraisal / Performance Management

Define Appraisal Cycle and Elements Definitions

Goal Settings by Individuals / Organisation

Two level Ratings and Approvals

Email Notifications

More about Appraisal Management

Exit / Separation Process

Resignation requests

Two level Approvals helps in clarity

'No Dues Process' removes difficulty during settlements

Feedback mechanism through Exit Interview

More about Exit Process

Payroll Management

Make Different Pay Slabs & Dynamic Salary Components

Run Payroll and Payslip auto or manually

Location wise PF, PT, ESI, Salary, Bank Statements

Two Level Approvals in Salary generation

More about Payroll
Tour Claim

Travel & Tours Management

Budget Individuals Travel Expense

Claims of Local Conveyance

Prior Approvals and Post Claims for Tours

Expense Claims

More about Travel and Tours

What customers are saying

Using the Software for more than two years and its user friendly. Receiving Upgrades then and there
Arunachalam S
Accounts Head
Introducing GoForHR in our company has made our life easier/comfortable resulting in saving of time.
M. Rajaram
HR Head
We have been using GoForHR since last one year and very much satisfy with good support from Tamba Solution.
M Bera
Accounts Head
We have been using the Application for more than seven years. Simple and user friendly application with the value for money
Henry Ellis
Director - HR - Operations
GoForHR has helped in streamlining HR processes, from attendance to payslips all managed.
Vinay Gopalakrishnan
Business owner
They provide best support. With just few clicks you can get all the information and it is so user friendly
Praneet Singh
HR Manager
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