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What is Application Tracking System ?

Applicant Tracking System - ATS, is a recruiting software platform for companies to track candidates throughout the recruiting and hiring process.

Some useful component of GoForHR - ATS are :

Job Posting
GoForHR's Applicant Tracking System - ATS is equiped with end to end process of recruitment. It starts from Job posting either by manager or by HR department or Recruiting person. If ATS is a part of GoForHR HRMS then there is an option of approving Job Post by Department Head and then HR department starts working on the resource requirement.
Team Collaboration
Multiple HR members can work on all or specific vacancie(s) and keep track of different candidates apllications. In GoForHR, every employee can refer the job vacancy to its friend or known contacts. It helps in attracting candidates to the resume pool.
Social Sharing
You can share the job post with different social media e.g. linkedin, facebook etc. or with your company website also. This helps candidates to access the vacancies and apply for the same.
Resume Shortlisting and Interview Process
It allows recruiters to shortlist candidates and put them in different bins like screening, hold, reject etc. Recruiters can continue with interview process and keep track of candidates based on interview outcomes.
Job Offer and Onboarding Process
Once Candidate is shortlisted then the offer is given to him/her. Based on the candidates joining, in GoForHR, employee can be created and proceed with onboarding formalities.

Why use an applicant tracking system ?

  • To attract more candidates
  • Expedite the onboarding process
  • Be competitive in the market
  • Clarity in different vacancies and interview status among pool of resumes
  • Increased Efficiency as multiple recruiters can work together on all the vacancies
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